Doctor Who: TARDIS.

36 icons: GoT, Who, Downton, Miranda & misc.

8 GoT, 7 DW, 4 DA, 3 Miranda, 10 misc. period drama & 4 misc.

 photo hate1-ohgollygeedamn.png  photo 20Flaws-Bastille-ohgollygeedamn.png
 photo 31DosesandMimosas-Cherub-ohgollygeedamn.png  photo 26ExileVilify-TheNational-ohgollygeedamn.png

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GoT: Sansa.

Texture Set 1 - 50 Textures


This year I have been using a lot of my own textures for iconing which I have been cobbling together from my photography exploits. I thought I may as well see if they would be useful for anyone else. :) This set contains 50 200x200 textures of mixed styles and an additional preview can be found here. Would it be helpful to have them posted individually too? Let me know if it would. Also if you are interested in additional texture sets in future, please do give me a yell because there are loads more where these puppies came from.

❖ (luna) . it was like having friends

[40 icons] harry potter, game of thrones, legend of the seeker

{001-022} Game of Thrones
{023-026} The Avengers, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Merlin, Sucker Punch,
{027-032} Legend of the Seeker, Lost, Spartacus: Vengeance
{033-040} Harry Potter

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