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2nd-Mar-2012 08:40 pm - Misc Icon Dump
Doctor Who: TARDIS.
Okay, so this is a bit of a messy collection of icons that you may or may not have seen around the place at various competitions and activities. I just need to get rid of them to start afresh! Sorry they are all in such a mess. :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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17th-Jan-2012 10:49 am - Tutorial
Doctor Who: TARDIS.
Photobucket Photobucket

For narniacmr. :D

I am using PS Elements 8.

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3rd-Jan-2012 04:03 pm(no subject)
Doctor Who: TARDIS.

Ask The Maker || My Thread

Happy new year watchers! If there is anything you would like to ask about the icons I post please bustle on over to this post and have at it. ♥
26th-Nov-2011 08:28 am(no subject)
Doctor Who: TARDIS.

Icon Appreciation Month Awards

I really encourage everyone to head over here and nominate some people/icons that have had an impact on them this year. You haven't got long left to do it though! Every little nom could make someone deserving incredibly happy and I know I am hoping to add a few more today. :D
22nd-Oct-2011 10:24 pm - Icon Progress 2007-2011.
Fringe: Olivia yellow.
Following in the footsteps of firstillusion who posted her icon progress at illusoir_icons. Three icons from every batch I have posted in an attempt to show how my style has changed and hopefully improved over the years. Nostalgic self indulgence for me basically! I chose to pick three from each batch in order to force myself to select some icons which I don't like now but did at the time, and to try and get a good, encompassing mix.

Contains 120 icons, some of them quite embarrassing.

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❖ (luna) . it was like having friends
{001-010} Legend of the Seeker
{011-020} Battlestar Galactica
{021-040} Harry Potter
{041-044} Buffy the Vampire Slayer
{045-056} Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Merlin, Superntural
{057-065} Lost
{066-083} Various shows & films (True Blood, Alias, Fringe, Fight Club, etc..), Variations

My icon muse has left me so some of these icons are a few months old, mostly made for 20in20s I never finished & from my tumblr graphics. :|

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